Message From Chairman

We are very glad and proud to announce our excellent performance since 20+ years. We are here, in this stage because of our reliable and qualitative and quantitative services and its trustworthy as well as tireless, dedicated and trained human resources team.

However, since the organization established of 20+ Years. It has to come successfully became Group of Company and merged Care Human Resource and Reaz and Farah for expand businesses, Care and Cure Hospital Pvt. Ltd, established of 8 years for provide all kinds of medical facilities to the public. Recently, we are expanding our business in the fields of Global Health Care Professional Institute and Training Center Pvt. Ltd to produce healthcare related manpower to fill the gap between demand and supply globally.   
We believe, our success in this dynamic business world is compliance, systems and growth in every sector is professionalism and systematic approach. Care Group of Company is service oriented company and its serve nationally and internationally reputed organization with collaborate business.
In this modern age, recruitment and outsourcing business has share ideas, knowledge and technology to the help of recruit human resources around the globe. It’s not only sharing ideas, knowledge and technology, it’s also helped to improve bilateral relationship with country to country, develop relation with individual people to people, and exchange cultural and religious norms and values.
Thank You.
MD Ghimire (GOPAL)