Why Us

Around the globe, today, main challenge for every entrepreneur is reduce the Human resource turnover. All employer companies are hunt Human resource consultancy and supplier around the globe to fulfill their quality, train and experience human resource with fast track and without burden.
 Reaz & Farah Employment Service Pvt.  is one of the leading Nepalese manpower recruitment agency in Nepal. It’s not only involved overseas recruitment, it is also involved to serve education consultancy to all of them who are interested to abroad study by the registered Care Education Institute. Similarly, we serve medical service by open care and cure hospital. Now it is a Group of company and we believe, our success in this dynamic business world is compliance, systems and growth in every sector is professionalism and systematic approach. Care Group of Company is service oriented company and its serve nationally and internationally organization with collaborate business.
 We have professional team member, business collaboration with various organization, we have good networking system so that Reaz & Farah Employment Service Pvt. never compromise Quality, Honesty, Sincerity and Reliability.
Reaz & Farah Employment Service Pvt. recruit Professional, Educated, Experience, Sincere, Honest, Hardworking and Disciplined Nepalese work force will help to boost the business to the employer companies as well, in terms of proven moral and productivity. Reaz & Farah Employment Service Pvt.. has confident and believe that the Nepalese work force will fit in and contribute to our client company with best.
Reaz & Farah Employment Service Pvt. specializes in assisting to recruit quality Manpower for supporting our clients in all aspects of the business start-up cycle from concept to operation.
 Our Moto is clients’ satisfaction, cost effective and fast recruit and help help strengthen the financial condition of the Nation as well as of the candidates.